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2021 Auctions

All auctions run until 11:59pm on October 8th. Bids start at $100 and must increment by $10 or more. Good luck!

BQ21-WL-1000 - Fall Elk

Six identical prints were stacked and cut precisely, a process called Stack and Whack, to create this one-of-a-kind elk quilt. It would be stunning on either the wall or a bed.

BQ21-WL-1001 - Winter Fox

Using multiple layers of the same printed panel, hexagons were cut to create this fascinating piece.

WQ21-AV-500 - Eagle Mountain

The quilting in this piece adds movement to the eagle soaring in the mountains.

WQ21-DA-200 - Black Stallion

If you or someone you know loves horses, this would make a wonderful item to add to the home.

WQ21-DA-201 - Horses in the Wind

You can almost hear the hoofbeats and feel the wind. The exceptionally thoughtful and well-executed quilting add another layer of interest to this beautiful piece.

WQ21-FL-400 - Pink Poinsettia

This big bold floral image would brighten any room during the holidays. It contains very fine quilting details.

WQ21-OV-600 - Old Red Pickup

Old pickup fans everywhere will envy the owner of this expertly-pieced quilt.

WQ21-SC-100 - Fall Aspens and Birds

Gorgeous fall foliage of the aspens and the colorful birds really make this a standout scenic piece.

WQ21-SC-101 - Stonehenge Mountains

This lovely tone-on-tone scene would grace the walls of anyone's home.

WQ21-SC-102 - Lavender Fields

The lavender field and the skies above combine to make a spectacular view.

WQ21-SC-103 - Colorful Leaves

The colorful leaves in the exterior border of this wallquilt accent the old mill pond scene.

WQ21-SC-104 - Window

The trees surrounding the water set this sunset scene off wonderfully, and the "window" makes it even more beautiful.

WQ21-TR-700 - Blue Rabbit Hearts

This traditionally-pieced wallquilt features fabric with flowers and rabbits combine with heart shapes.

WQ21-TR-701 - Yellow and Aqua Star

Charm is written all over this floral-print quilt. It would look lovely on the wall or be a great gift for a young granddaughter.

WQ21-WL-300 - Grizzly and Cubs

This mother grizzly and her cubs are bound to appeal to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

WQ21-WL-301 - Big Horn Ram

Gold stars accent the corners of this quilt depicting a majestic Big Horn Ram.

WQ21-WL-302 - Bull Elk in the Pines

You can almost hear the bugle of this big bull elk. It would thrill either a hunter or a wildlife lover.

WQ21-WL-303 - Bear and Cubs

If you look closely you will see numerous animals printed in the tonal brown print used for the outer border of this great wildlife wallquilt.

WQ21-WL-304 - Baby Fox and Butterflies

Young wildlife are natural attractions, and this young fox is exceptionally captivating.

WQ21-WL-305 - Northern Lights Moose

The northern lights are on full parade in the wildlife scene. The exceptional quilting only adds to the beauty of this piece.