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Help The Quilt Museum


There are a number of ways to be a Quilt Heritage Museum supporter. 

1. Donate your time or talent.

Our list of current events changes frequently, and it takes volunteers to make each event happen. We welcome all volunteers. Sometimes we need someone to make phone calls, or help with a presentation or demonstration. All our exhibits need a crew to help set it up and to take it down. Tell us what you're good at, and we'll find a way to include you in our activities.

2. Join us at a meeting.

Join us for a monthly meeting. We think you'll "catch the quilt musuem fever". You will get a first-hand view of what's coming up on the Museum's agenda. Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday on each month (except December) at 7:00 PM. The meetings generally last about 1 hour. Currently we meet in a Committee Member's home each month. Call (208) 785-5936 to get the location of the next meeting.

3. Make a cash donation.

The goals we have set for the Museum are ambitious, and they will take money to achieve. So, if you can make a cash donation it will be put to great use. We are a non-profit organization, and your donation will be tax-deductible. Click here for our mailing address or click the donate "button" to use a debit/credit card. No donation is too small. Thank you for supporting this effort. 

4. Donate either a contemporary or antique quilt.

Education is a big part of our mission. Virtually all of our exhibits involve sharing quilts with the public. Some exhibits consist of anitque quilts, some contemporary quilts and some a combnation of both. The more quilts we have in our permanent collections, the better exhibits we can formulate. Quilt related items (antique patterns, machines, etc.) are also helpful exhibit additions. If you or someone you know, has one or more quilts that they would like to have donated to our permanent collection, please give us a call to discuss it. Click here to contact one of our Committee Members about donating an item. We thank you for considering this option. 

5. Attend one of Our Events

A whole lot of planning goes into each Museum event. Many of them are free to the public. We invite you to attend one of our events and then give us feedback on your experience. Only by learning what people like most (and don't) can we become better at planning successful events. Join us and then tell us about what you liked. Click here to give us feedback by e-mail. 

 6. Make a suggestion or give us feedback on a area that interests you.

We appreciate input. Call or send us an e-mail. After all, we're trying to become better as we grow.