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Here are some basic tips in caring for quilts or quilt tops:

This subject is probably the most common one we get questions about. So here are some basic tips about caring for quilts.

1. Never store quilts in a pastic bag. Quilts need to "breathe". They can be stored safely in a clean white pillow case. Laying a quilt flat on a spare bed and covering them with a clean white sheet is also a good option. The sheet keeps dust and light off the quilt.

2. Never store a quilt unprotected in a cedar chest. Over time the finishing (stain, shellac) can seep into the cloth damagaing it permanently.

3. Do not display a quilt in direct sunlight. Over time sunlight will fade the colors of the fabrics and weaken the fabrics themselves.

4. Never wash a quilt top no matter how much visible dirt it shows. The edges will stretch and change during washing and it will never lie flat again.

5. Sew a hanging sleeve on the back side of a quilt to properly support it while displaying it in a hanging position. Alternatively, a hanging sleeve can be pinned onto the back of a quilt with stainless steel safety pins.