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        Our efforts are currently focused on finding supporters to help us raise funds for a long-term building. Having a permanent place will mean we can have on-going exhibits and many other quilt-related events. The initial push is to identify benefactors for the first half of our goal--$75,000. Then, by using that momentum to accelerate us forward in a region-wide fundraisign effort to "match" those benefactors' donations thus doubling our funds to reach our overall campaign goal of $150,000.

We need your support to solidify a permanent home for our quilt collections. Please donate now!

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We are planning a quilt auction for Fall 2021. The majority of the quilts to be auctioned off will be quilts made with printed fabric panels. The quality and array of printed panels available to quilters today is unparalleled. We have invited quilters in the region to create these auction quilts.  The themes of the panels include wildlife, landscapes, and patriotic.

QHM will be supplying the fabric panel and 3 coordinating fabrics in each quilt kit. The completed quilt top must be turned in not later than August 1, 2021. For more guidelines in creating a quilt for this fundraising auction event, refer to the project notes sheet below. A photo of each printed panel and the number of each print available appears below the project note sheet. You can email Joyce at  or call (208) 785-5936 if you have any questions. Be sure to check out the Design Inspiration section at the bottom of this page. More panels and more design ideas will be added as they become available. Please check this page for new items.

Four new fabric panels to choose from were added on March 26 and two panels added on March 30, 2021.

One new fabric panel added on April 19, 2021. 

Project Notes




White Tiger

                                                                        1- White tiger, 28"x43"   One panel available




Bull Elk in Mist

3 Bull Elk in Mist, 43"x31"       One panel available





 Big Horn Ram

 7 Big Horn Ram, 34"x42.5"          One panel available



Honey Bee and Hive

8 Honey Bee and Hive, 22"x41.5"         One panel available





 Fox in Snow

10 Fox in Snow, 42.5"x28"                             Four panels available

Eagle Mountain 

11 Eagle Mountain, 43"x28"                       Six panels available 




12 Horses and Sunflowers, 34.5"x41.5"     One panel available (this panel printed in very "watercolor" manner)



Grizzly in the Mist

13 Grizzly in the Mist, 29"x43"            Six panels available


Elk Mountain Cardinal

14 Elk, Mountain, Cardinal, 43"x27"                       One panel available



15 Northern Lights Bull Moose, 43"x33"               One panel available



Fox and Butterflies

16 Baby Fox and Butterflies, 43"x27.5"                 Four panels available



Assorted Wildlife Scene

17 Assortment of Wildlife, 24"x34.5"                  One panel available



Stonehenge Mountain Scene

20 Stonehenge Mountain Scene, 43"x23"              One panel available



21 Pheasants at Farm, 41.5"x26.5"                     One panel available



22-Birds In The Garden Multi Panel, 34.5" x 34.5"       One multi panel available


23-Baby Animals Multi Panel, 24" x 43"                  One multi-panel available


24-Land of the Free, 23.5 x 42        One panel available                  Detail of panel text



25- Floral Still Life, 29" x 44"            One panel available



 26 - Winter Owl, 27" x 44"               One panel available




28 - Solo Cows, 29" x 44"            One panel available 


29 - Blue Pickup, 43" x 34.5"                                   Two panels available



Design Inspiration...















































































































































































        We know that beautiful quilts are not typically created in a day or two. Therefore, we want to invite you to read about the quilt exhibits we are planning in the future. Although specific exhibit dates have not yet been set, we hope that by sharing some general information now about those exhibits we will enourage quilters to think about those future exhibits as they involve themselves in the current and future quilt projects and group/guild activities. Please click on the icon below for more details.

 Exhibit Specifications