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        Our efforts are currently focused on finding supporters to help us raise funds for a long-term building. Having a permanent place will mean we can have on-going exhibits and many other quilt-related events. The initial push is to identify benefactors for the first half of our goal--$75,000. Then, by using that momentum to accelerate us forward in a region-wide fundraisign effort to "match" those benefactors' donations thus doubling our funds to reach our overall campaign goal of $150,000.

We need your support to solidify a permanent home for our quilt collections. Please donate now!

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Our 1st Annual Fall Quilt Auction features Idaho-made quilts. They vary in size and subject. Most are sized for hanging on the walls of a home or cabin. All have hanging-sleeves attached to the reverse side. 

The proceeds from this fundraiser will go into our Home For Quilts Campaign fund. It is our goal to lease a building in which to have on-going exhibits for the public. We are a local non-profit. We have no paid staff. Please take the time to see all the wonderful quilts local quiltmakers have created specifically for this event on the Auctions tab on the Home Page of this website.


This is a continuing auction—at 11:59 PM October 8, 2021 the existing bid for each item will become the opening bid on the live auction which commences at 7:00 PM October 9, 2021. The highest bid at the live auction will win the item(s).



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        We know that beautiful quilts are not typically created in a day or two. Therefore, we want to invite you to read about the quilt exhibits we are planning in the future. Although specific exhibit dates have not yet been set, we hope that by sharing some general information now about those exhibits we will enourage quilters to think about those future exhibits as they involve themselves in the current and future quilt projects and group/guild activities. Please click on the icon below for more details.

 Exhibit Specifications